Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beginning of Dec Check-in

Well, the Cranberry Mead is filtering.

That filter I bought, while slow, is awesome. using an AF2 filter I have taken some still very cloudy mead and turned it into something that looks like the red wine you might buy  that is designed to be consumed relatively young. Clear, and clean looking.

It is going to need to age, so it will be nice for next Christmas season, but it is not really very tasty right now. The metabisulphite and sorbate added to it to stop the fermentation has given it an unpleasant taste. This taste should dissipate during the aging process.

The Cranberry mead was tasting very nice before stabilizing. I expect it will taste wonderful again after aging. This batch is 13.13% Alcohol By Vol.

The bad news (aside from having to wait for the Cranberry mead, which is not too surprising.) is that I had to dump my maple batch. It was not fermenting, and it smelled off. Apparently something else got into that batch that did not belong. It is sad that I lost about $90 worth of ingredients and a chunk of my time, but I was not about to try to "fix" it somehow. My health and that of my family and friends comes first.